at last, friday

in a world like thissometimes the light shines too brightrevealing the cracks I haven’t watched the Royal Wedding yet. Just saw some pictures online. So pretty it all looked!

closer to friday

should I trustyour soothing touchyour soft spoken wordstrickling so coolcould I trustthe way I feelthe way each breathvows perfection foreverwould I trustgiving my heartconfusing all my senseson this prickle of hope Do you ever do that thing where you “discover” someone and you just have to learn the bits and pieces of them? You know,…

the week crawls

the darkness waits heretempting the hesitationalluring and sweet It’s only Wednesday? Bah!

dusk now

wandering this desolationyearning for some consolationwhile pondering my isolationfighting off the desperationwithout a single word spokenmy spirit’s faith is brokennothing left inside but sorrowno light of hope for tomorrowwill I find some comfort herewill I face my deepest fearsor will I drown in my tearsleft alone, no one to hear It’s nearly 8pm and the…

Monday off

burning bright and trueflickering in the darknesshot against the cold Having a Monday off rocks. Posted via LiveJournal app for iPad.

A Happy Easter!

time spent here with youmeans so very much to memoments to treasure Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up it meant my family coming over to our house and an Easter egg hunt and lots of food. These days much of the family heads out to my aunt’s house in Alameda and the…

good friday

once not so long agoI never imagined being aloneleft to a vast and empty nothingconfused by all the broken piecesthe questions swirlingwith the dust of shattered dreamsthe answers incomprehensibleagainst such brilliant solitudeonce so long agoI believed in foreverconstant and enduringlike every dewy dawnbut now I know bettergazing into the unknown I had a lovely and…