Monday off

when we say goodbye
I will remember good times
before any tears

I watched my recording of the Royal Wedding. Sooooo beautiful. What was not beautiful was the craptastic commentary by the CBS crew. It was as if someone told Katie Couric to act like a loud ignoramus. She would interject and interrupt the other commentators (who were non too stellar themselves). And when I thought she would actually shut the frak up (during ceremony) she actually spoke. Couldn’t she wait until a more appropriate time to tell us that Prince William wasn’t going to wear a wedding ring. I think we figured it out when Catherine didn’t put a ring on his finger. Oh, and stop telling us that the bridesmaids are what Americans call flower girls. In England, they’re bridesmaids. Explain it once and let it go. CBS totally lacked dignity in their coverage. I should have recorded a different channel.

Otherwise, the whole thing was great, really beautiful. The bride was most lovely and the groom dutifully handsome. They were just sweet.

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