alas it’s sunday

funny how a facereappears without a thoughtwelcome to behold Why do Sundays always seem to zip along?

movie weekend

you say it’s nothingthe way we smile togetherwithout knowing why last night’s movie Last night we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2. Yah! We saw it in IMAX 3D. I think I would have been fine without the 3D but it was still great to watch it. I liked the movie well…

steady and warm

can you just forgetthe pounding of your heartbeateach breath of longing A nicely calm day at work, save one odd phone call. me waiting for the day to end fail peace


you just broke my heartstole a piece of foreverflung it to the dark Wow, LJ just ate my post. WTF?! I don’t remember the poem I wrote. UGH!!! (The one above is something different.) I had a totally cool rambling kind of post that I wanted to read later. Tragic, just tragic. (And this will…

only just tuesday

maybe this momentstops before we say goodbyereminding regret This feels like a long week already.

oh monday

did the demons chase away your lightluring with promisesobliteration in exchangefor your tortured souldid the heavensforsake you in needleading you with merely hopeto navigate temptationalone and vulnerable the poem handwritten… The schoolage kids out this way have just this week left of summer break. I mourn with them as it will mean the student parking…