day after monday

is it so easy
laughing beneath the sunshine
as free as the breeze

while walking to work

True Blood – It’s very easy to say that my favorite parts involved Alcide. 😉

  • Alcide stripping down so that he and Sookie could go find Eric. Holy goodness! Yeah, I wouldn’t have turned around right away either, Sooks. LOL!
  • Alcide rising up from his werewolf form to yell at Eric and then the two of them growling at one another. Hilarious and HOT. Is that even possible?!
  • Alcide and Sookie on the porch and Alcide saying something like, “Come here.” And then he hugged her. Yes, color me JEALOUS! LOL!

I also liked all the Eric stuff. He’s kinda sweet without his memory, isn’t he? He was so funny in the water and then so melancholy when he realized his time in the sun was a one time thing. Poor, memoryless Eric.

I felt slightly sorry for Bill when he found about his family ties with Portia. Oops! And EWWWW!… I hope Jason never sees those were-freaks from Hotshot again but I’m sure he’ll run into them soon enough… And dear Alcide, your girlfriend annoys the heck out of me!… Pam freakin’ rocked until her face started melting off. Yuck!…

I really enjoy True Blood. Can you tell?

Eureka – Last night ep was EXCELLENT. I am getting more and more attached to Niall Matter’s Zane. I hope he and Jo make a go of it. 😉 Oh, and FELICIA DAY finally appeared! She rocked in the ep. A very awesome addition to to an already stellar cast.

Warehouse 13 – Another fantastic ep. Poor Pete! And I loved the pairing of Claudia and Jinks. 🙂

Alphas – I like this show so far. Two eps in and it’s pretty cool.

Everytime someone I know joins G+ and adds me to a circle, I’m utterly delighted! I don’t want to force anyone into joining but it’s a pretty neat new thing out there and if you join, you can find me at (My URL shortcut until Google figures out a nicer URL for G+.) I’m finding that publicly I post things that are of interest to me (my actor fellas, local news, favorite tv stuff). To my circles, I share photos or other bits of more personal info or news.

Even though Facebook is still a daily visit, I don’t post much more than whatever I might tweet (which isn’t much) or what feeds into the notes section. As for Twitter, I still skim through updates but my first instinct in regards to posting seems to focus on G+. 🙂