glad it’s over

let the anger rise
feel it burn and churn inside
then simply let go


I had a few SUCKY moments at work. It’s sad and frustrating when people come in with attitude from the very start and are utterly rude for no reason. So I breathe, feel the frustration, and try to let it go. No use dwelling over it…

The hubby has been watching Star Trek Enterprise and I’ve caught a fair amount of episodes as well. When it was first out, I resisted watching it but now I’m appreciating the show’s concept. It’s too bad the show didn’t get to write its own end as opposed to being cancelled. We’re only on the second season, so we shall see how I feel at the end of it. 😉

San Diego Comic Con is this weekend. I think I’ll be reading the twitter stream and such, wishing I was there to meet some of the people attending yet glad to be home and away from the crazy crowds. LOL! Dragon Con is in September and I have a feeling I’ll end up going to that one day before I make to SDCC. 😛