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hot first day of Cornfest

I can take a hint
there are only yesterdays
left to remember

Today was the first day of Cornfest! Yes, I get excited about Cornfest. 🙂 One of the groovy things about living out here in Brentwood is Cornfest. This year, because of construction downtown, Cornfest is being held in a large field. It may seem like a neat thing because everything is so spread out but I really miss the downtown location. The heat was strong and the wind, though nice, also kicked up dirt and straw.

CornFest 2011

The reason I love Cornfest is the the corn. Seriously. I could have totally used more butter. It was good nonetheless. 😉

CornFest 2011

We rode the ferris wheel! It was pretty up there but I didn’t really like when we stopped near the top. It was kinda freaky.

CornFest 2011CornFest 2011

The view was nice!

CornFest 2011
CornFest 2011
CornFest 2011
CornFest 2011

We had to cut our time short because of family obligations, so we missed the fireworks. 🙁 Next year!

Oh, and today was the last shuttle launch. I “watched” it online. I teared up a little. Alas!

Omigosh, Charles Mesure joined the cast of Desperate Housewives! Am I fangirl enough to watch it for him? I dunno. But I’m happy for him. It can only mean good things. 🙂

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