so curse yourself

when I finally leave
don’t feign surprise
you missed the signs
with dogged intention
refusing to see truth
even when hurled at you
when I finally leave
you’ll have no power
no words to draw me back
no actions to lure me in
my heart will be set
so very far from yours
when I finally leave
deep down you’ll know why
so curse yourself
shoulder your blame
cry your tears
for your own mistakes
when I finally leave

We finished Star Trek Enterprise. The show was ahead of its time and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would or could. It was fascinating to watch the beginnings of Starfleet and the pre-Federation days. It’s really a shame that it ended the way it did. I think “Terra Prime” was a great end (at least to the season) and “These are the Voyages” just seems like an afterthought. I can see why fans of the show might not have appreciated that last episode.

Friday morning walk