just out of reach

just out of reach
the end beckons
one last hurrah
one last time to shine
just out of reach
the end awaits
promising just once more
the chance to laugh
just out of reach
the end holds fast
every memory etched
every dream realized
just out of reach

Isn’t it scary when your phone knows exactly where you are? It’s neat and scary. Even moreso when a picture you take knows exactly where it’s been taken. You know what I mean, don’t you? 😉


I didn’t realize that the 2012 Xena convention will be the last. Nostalgia hit me hard today and for a brief moment I considered perhaps going for that last hurrah. Then I scanned the guests confirmed so far and I was allowed to hold back that impulse to go. Now if they get one or two of my fellas on that list, I might just have to pull the trigger.

KSOFC Brunch 1998
with Kevin Smith

From my 2nd Xena convention.

santa monica 1999
with Dean, Ryan, and Joel

Santa Monica, 1999. I need to show that picture to one of my nieces. She’ll FLIP when she sees I’m next to Ryan. LOL!

sacramento 1998
with Karl

I will ALWAYS adore Karl. ALWAYS.

me with Charles Mesure
with Charles

From my last Xena convention. Will that convention be my last? Hmmm…

I really need to find my pics from the Palo Alto Xena con and re-scan them. 🙂

I will go to the last Xena convention if any of the following are invited and confirmed: Erik Thomson, Greg Lee, Charles Mesure, and maybe even Karl Urban. 🙂 There, it’s in writing. If any of those are invited and confirmed and I don’t go, I’ll write a long reason why to help me feel better.

Speaking of Erik, we have started watching Packed to the Rafters. I like it! Now, would I like it as much if Erik wasn’t on it? I think it would have worked its way into me eventually. LOL If you live in Australia, it’s a great watch. 😉