no songs played that day

no songs played that day
the skies were silent too
such an eerie air of quiet
nothing to muffle disbelief
nothing to ease the anger
no songs played that day
the nights were so dark
the shadows creeping
nowhere to hide
nowhere to find comfort
no songs played that day
as despair wound silky tendrils
along nerves so frayed
spoiling innocent dreams
with such reality so harsh

The above poem would have been better posted yesterday. Hmmm.

There are things I want desperately to say, things that might help sort out the knots in my stomach. But I will not say them yet. Not off the top like this. My thoughts need some filtering and distance. And then maybe I’ll be able to say things with the right amount of vigor and vagueness. Maybe.

True Blood – Let me just say WOW! Ummm, I don’t to spoil so let’s just say I loved the part with Alcide. I bet you knew I was going to say that. 😉

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