the little miracles

even as we remember
those dark days before
let us not forget
the little miracles
shining in our lives today

I have nothing profound to say on this tenth anniversary of September 11th. Patriot Day. I know how scared I was that day ten years ago. I remember how quiet and eerie the days were afterwards. It seems so long ago and yet not. I hope never to feel that way again…

So I choose to concentrate on the brighter things, like…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANE!!! Welcome to the FORTY club. You’re a good looking forty, my friend. LOL

party time

Happy Anniversary to the Hudsons! It doesn’t really feel like 17 years, does it? Here’s to many, many more! 🙂

Happy Birthday also to my most favorite musician, Harry Connick, Jr. He’ll never read this but hey, it’s out there in the universe and that’s all that matters.

So on this day of reflection, don’t forget to LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE.

That is all.

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