the very short version of this week

I’m going to attempt a short, public version of this week’s events. I think I can do it. πŸ™‚

The FIL has been in the hospital since Saturday night. He blacked out, I think, and while waiting for the paramedics, his heart stopped. They got his heart going again but he has been on a ventilator for all of his hospital stay. At this point, he’s taking his own breaths but they’re too shallow for him to be taken off the ventilator. He’s responding a bit but he seems quite dazed.

The MIL has to be taken to the hospital and that has fallen on us. Well, the hubby. I’m just there for emotional support? The MIL has been having an emotional time, of course. The FIL was moved from Pleasanton to Antioch in the middle of the week and his accommodations are rather swanky. Now he just needs to wake up to enjoy the so far excellent attention he’s gotten in Antioch.

And that’s all I care to share publicly at this point. I have posted on twitter and FB about being at the hospital and thought those tidbits deserved a bit of explanation. If you’re on my LJ list, you might get the more detailed recollection of this week. πŸ˜‰