until the last beat

once you had my heart
covered it with such darkness
until the last beat

I was checking out flights to Atlanta in October and I’m finding some reasonable prices. I should just book my trip and GO. It would be great to have a long visit with my sister and her family. So why do I hesitate? The usual, practical reasons that I’ll let you guess. 😛

The husband popped in the Dark Angel dvd the other day and we’ve been watching episodes here and there. Jessica Alba, so young and still so pretty! Michael Weatherly, not as snarky as DiNozzo but just as cute. I’m looking forward to the Zack episodes and my William Gregory Lee! I can’t believe that the show is over ten years old. Where the heck has the time gone?!

We watched a movie called GRIFF THE INVISIBLE last weekend, mostly because Ryan Kwanten was in it. I liked it. He does a great job on that movie and Griff is soooo different from Jason Stackhouse on True Blood. Yowsa! So, thumbs up on that movie from me!

There are rumors here and there about the next iPhone and since I like my gadgets, I pay attention. The rumors that pique my interest involve the latest iPhone coming to Sprint. If you don’t already know this, I am a huge Android enthusiast and I love my Nexus S 4G. I don’t mind tinkering with my smartphone but SOMETIMES I just want it to act as it should without wearing on my patience. It’s not so much to ask. If we were still on Verizon, I am sure one of us would have an iPhone right now. So I daydream and ponder, if given the choice, would I choose the latest iPhone over the latest high-end Android phone?

I absolutely admit to gadget envy. Who doesn’t want the latest smartphone or digicam or tablet? I try to tell myself to be content with the things I already have and I am happy to have my stuff but I wouldn’t be a tech gadget freak chick if I did not cast envious eyes on the next generation of smartphones or digicams or tablets. Some women needs shoes, I need the latest gadget. Okay, not need but want.

In my iPhone vs Android daydream, I try to list the pros and cons of each phone to help me decide. Or I imagine myself with the phone in hand and my life with it. Such as…

iPhone – I would be part of the multitude once more. I’d no longer have to endure snarky comments from other iPhone users who think that any other smartphone is just inferior to their precious Jesus-phone. I’d get to use Instagram to my heart’s content as well as other apps I had actually purchased during my past days as an iPhone user (Bejeweled Blitz comes to mind). I wouldn’t have that stellar integration between my phone and Google (Google Voice especially!). My ability to customize the phone would be seriously stunted. Can I still use the ringtones I created? Can a certain contact ring a certain tone? I’d have MANY more choices for cases and such. And maybe a Sprint iPhone would have better coverage than an AT&T iPhone out here? I wouldn’t get to swap my battery out for a fresh one but perhaps the battery life is better than my abysmal iPhone 3G?

Android – I am so entrenched in the whole Google experience and the thought of not having that great integration between my device and my Google account borders on pain. The Nexus S panders to my Android desires quite admirably. I can customize anything and everything from the lock screen to the home screen to the sms app. If I run out of juice from playing Angry Birds, I can pop the back and slip in a fresh battery. My photos automatically upload via G+. I can customize my ringtones and sms tones, even down the contact level. I can video chat over wifi OR 3G (or 4G if I’m the right area). I can navigate to new places on my phone. Of all the Android phones I’ve had (Motorola Droid, Epic 4G, Nexus S 4G), the Nexus has been the most stellar of them all. I realized during my frustrations with the Epic 4G that I am the kind of person who must have the latest OS as opposed to the latest hardware. As long as I have a Nexus phone, I should be good in regards to latest software.

Since I have the Nexus S 4G in my possession and the Sprint iPhone is merely hypothetical at this point, I am quite satisfied with my current smartphone. But should the iPhone alá Sprint become reality, I might have some things to consider…

My first Google Voice number is set to expire in a week. I need to figure out if I want to keep the number. I like it because it spells “noble.” And even though it’ll just be my secondary number, I still like the thought of having it just in case. I never called anyone from that number but it’s nice to have it. $20 seems reasonable to pay to have a number *forever.* 🙂 I’m going to keep it…

Watched the MTV VMA Awards. I loved Adele’s performance. She is magnificent. I also enjoyed Bruno Mars’ version of “Valerie.” Yes, I like songs with my name. LOL! As for the rest of the show, there were too many commercials. Yikes!

I’m so glad a long weekend stands before us. Most glorious!