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dreaming those sweet dreams

just rest easy now
fall deep into sleep’s embrace
dreaming those sweet dreams

Today was the FIL’s memorial. A hard day for the family, an exhausting day. I spoke (read something I had written before along with the poem from yesterday). My mother spoke as well.

It was nice seeing folks from the mortgage company days. Has it really been that long since I’d last seen some of them? It was great that they came to the memorial…

Gary's Memorial
Gary's Memorial
Gary's Memorial
Gary's Memorial
Gary's Memorial
Gary's Memorial

My words at the memorial:

Gary was a good man, loyal to his friends, protective and loving to his family, and a straight shooter. He took good care of his wife. He was hardly ever cross and always ready to make you laugh. Music was part of his soul and he loved to play his drums. He was generous and fun and he was always nice to me.

He wasn’t a religious man but I still picture him in a good place with his doggies following him. Maybe he’s even shooting the breeze with those who’ve gone before him. I hope so. I hope he knows how much his family truly loved him and how much they will miss him.

I’ll echo what Richard said… I’m gonna miss that crazy old man.

you made us laugh
and now we cry
for just a moment
as we say goodbye
you made us feel
the music’s beat
with the blues and soul
each note so sweet
you showed your love
in countless ways
with laughter and goodness
through all your days
it’s an understatement
to say we’ll miss you
but as you jam with the angels
play that song strong and true