we begin by looking back

we begin by looking back
taking stock of yesterdays
laughing from sweet memories
wishing they could stay
today seems so empty
lacking that irrestible spark
the one of inspiration
warming from the heart
tomorrow promises nothing
but perhaps the halt of tears
may sleep bring forgotten dreams
to chase away the fears…

I had a great lunch with my friends today. It was a most welcome break and a great time of catching up on our lives. We need to get together more often. We lunched at the new BJ’s Restaurant here in Brentwood. I had the Totonka Stout. Mmmmm! Well, if you like stouts. 😉


I had the Maui Glazed Pork Chop. Yum! Then a pizookie, the white chocolate macadamia nut version. Yowsa!

Lunch at BJ's

After lunch we hung out for a bit and just talked. Twas lovely. 🙂

my friends
my friends