the sun shines again

the sun shines againthe wind gusting with chaosskies so blue and clear Glenroy Walker, Jr. – The sadness of his death still weighs upon me. I know the day will come when I think of him with a smile than with tears but that day seems so far away….

when we meet again

we’ll forget these tearssharing smiles instead with joy when we meet again A lazy day of watching college football and giving the dogs a bath. 🙂 I reset my phone to factory but kept my lockscreen picture. Isn’t it nice? 🙂

how lucky are we

how lucky are weto have known youyour generous soulyour easy smilehow lucky are weto have loved youyour compassionate spirityour gracious hearthow lucky are weto have cherished youwith love and laughterwith tears and joyhow lucky are weto call you familya brother, a friendnow angel above I had a splendid Thanksgiving! We went to Alameda to my…

for all this, I am thankful

there is lovethe warmth of familythere is laughterthe bond of friendshipthere is joythe dawn of every daythere is happinessthe dreams in sleepthere is gratitudethe breath of lifethere is sorrowthe rise of soulsthere is hopethe promise of the unknownfor all this, I am thankful Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! If your eyes happen upon this post, know…