lj, me

for all this, I am thankful

there is love
the warmth of family
there is laughter
the bond of friendship
there is joy
the dawn of every day
there is happiness
the dreams in sleep
there is gratitude
the breath of life
there is sorrow
the rise of souls
there is hope
the promise of the unknown
for all this, I am thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! If your eyes happen upon this post, know someone loves you and is grateful for you in their lives. I am grateful for so many things in my life and always strive to remember not just on this day but all the days I’m lucky to live.

To those who’ve departed this world– my father-in-law Gary and my former brother-in-law Glen– I am grateful to have known them. Gary was a wise-cracking man who loved his family dearly. Glen was a generous and gracious soul who cared for everyone. They were part of my family and their absence this holiday season will be felt but I have to believe they’re watching over us in their own ways.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and spends it just as they wish. For me, it’s being with my family, eating lots of food, and taking pictures of everything and everyone.