yes, I remember

yes, I rememberhow the tears skimmed the skinhow the laughter ranghow the days brought memorieshow the nights brought dreamsno, I won’t forgethow each moment feelshow the sun shines brighthow the wind danceshow the rain falls2011, how did you treat me? Life’s ends… We opened the new year with the death of the father of a…

my year in photos

I might write about my 2011 but sometimes pictures say so much more. 🙂 So here’s my Project 365 for 2011…

can’t we just forget

can’t we just forgetforgiveness might be the balmto bring us back here 2011 is coming to a close. Where has the time gone?

somewhere filled with peace

let your mind wanderfar from this place and momentsomewhere filled with peace did my nails today I had a dream with Charles Mesure. We were sitting on a couch and I told him that I just can’t watch Desperate Housewives. He seemed to understand. LOL

could ever be mine

I'll make you regretever believing your heartcould ever be mine Happy Birthday to Joe Manganiello!  (I know, it's not like he'll ever stumble upon this modest blog o' mine.) I had a lazy day to myself and did some laundry and not much else.  Gosh, I'm so not busy when I'm left to my own…

lift the veil of unknowing

maybe time will telllift the veil of unknowingreveal reasons why Breakfast at Diggers and dinner at BJ’s. A good day!

counting each moment

waiting in silenceimagining somewhere elsecounting each moment We had a lazy morning then later had dinner with the MIL.

meandering with leisure

the hours wandermeandering with leisuresavoring each breath We had a lovely lazy Christmas Day. 🙂 How about you?