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remember to laugh with love

this is now the time
remember to laugh with love
bring out all those smiles

My day went thusly:

I awoke at an early hour considering it was Saturday so that I could get out of the house and to the salon before 9am.  Mission accomplished and I tell you, it was COLD that time of morning.  Below 30° is cold, right?  😉

At the Streets this morning
the fountain at The Streets

The Streets were barely bustling but there were brave folk out there enjoying the chilly sunshine and doing some last minute shopping. My hats off to them!

My hairMy hair
Before & After

Got LOTS of inches cut. My hair feels so good! My stylist was excited, I think, when I told her I wanted more than just a couple of inches cut from the length. I told her that as long as it was past my shoulders, I was good. 😉

At the Streets this morning
my hair, gone

After the hair cut, I headed over to the grocery store for some essentials.

The 49ers won. Woohoo!

And A Christmas Story begins its run on tv right now. Yah!