catching up!

Here are three poems, unrelated to one another. 🙂

For Tuesday:
beg for me
plead your case
show something
right and true
on your knees
pride unbent
but tears falling

For yesterday:
slowly ever slowly
the clouds gather
piece by piece
first mere mist
the air chills
even in sunshine
bright above
winter waits
sly in the wind
a gentle kiss so cold
a prelude to the storm

And today:
he said it was love
you believed him
they’d say it was wrong
you don’t care
you told him forever
he just smiled
not knowing your heart
bred venom in disguise
one false move
he was ruined
one crocodile tear
you were a victim
you spin the truth
with a sprinkle of lies
blind to your own part
only vengeance in mind