dream of sunlight streaming

let me sink in darkness
dream of sunlight streaming
as the silence enfolds me
I close my eyes to vibrant visions
perhaps memories
perhaps fanciful notions
faraway, so far from here
alive and free from melancholy
whole and unbroken
in spirt and heart

Friday the 13th
the news can be depressing

Depraved. This word whispers through my thoughts as I read the article linked. Are more people reporting these crimes or are the suspects just taking more risks? It’s even more mind boggling when it’s someone you once knew. WTH.

Friday the 13th

For some reason I got ready a bit early and so I had time to buy a cafe mocha. Mmmmm!

Friday the 13th

Perhaps I should have passed on the biggest version of my drink because my tummy just isn’t used to it. For lunch I had another prepared meal from Fresh & Easy.

Friday the 13th
tasted better than it looks?

The work part of the day finally ended and here we are at the beginning of the three day weekend. Joy!

Friday the 13th

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