lj, me

if only

if only
we were far
so far away
from here
if only
we could leave
just for awhile
let time slow
if only

I uploaded a bunch of Tom Hardy usericons for LJ. And that’s how you know I’m in super admiring mode. 😉

I found a movie on Netflix called Lethal Dose and I watched it. Cheesy horror type movie that I wouldn’t normally watch but as I’m in super admiring mode…

Young Tom Hardy

I went on to the extras from Star Trek Nemesis and was treated to Tom Hardy’s test screen. So talented is that man. Seriously.

And then I went into Herc/Xena nostalgic mode and watched three episodes of Xena from different seasons: “The Dirty Half Dozen” (featuring Kevin Smith and Charles Mesure), “For Him the Bell Tolls” (my FAVORITE Xena ep, with a hot, young Karl Urban as Cupid making an appearance), and “Old Ares Had a Farm” (featuring Kevin Smith).

Old Ares Had a Farm

Kevin Smith was a beautiful man and my heart twisted a moment while I watched “Old Ares.” I almost cried even as I was laughing a little at the silly moments during the episode. I still miss him so very much.