the light will awaken me

maybe if I screamthe light will awaken mefree all this despair I was so sad to read about Davy Jones dying. I used to watch The Monkees on tv (you know, in syndication because I wasn't even born yet when it actually aired!) and I always though he was the cute one. 🙂 Even when…

bit by bit without fanfare

everyday I diebit by bit without fanfarelosing memories A day of folding paper and stuffing envelopes. Always a fun day. 😉 Got it all done before 3pm, so that’s good. Two 21sts? Weird!

trapping all my hopes

I forgot to crysomething has frozen insidetrapping all my hopes FRIDAY – 24 February 2012 Friday night was the CYO Crab Feed in Livermore. It was our third year in a row going and I was glad when it was finally the evening for it. I love this crab feed! Perhpas it’s because we get…

why am I falling

why am I fallingthrowing caution to the windwilling and headlong Why is it already Sunday night? 🙁

ready for sweet dreams

I could fall asleepas my eyes close with the nightready for sweet dreams The crab feed tonight was fun! Mychael Urban, the sports writer, was there! I kinda fangirled and the hubby stopped him so that we could chat and take a picture together. How cool is that! 🙂 More tomorrow. I’m sleepy now…