too many times

too many times
I've held my tongue
bit down on words
I wanted to say
so many times
I've silenced myself
simmered so still
quelled down the rage
how many times
will I restrain myself
from flying off
giving in to regret
how many times
can I contain myself
talk down myself
burn the anger and forget

If you read this at, you miss the lovely userpics at Livejournal. I've been on a Tom Hardy kick, as I'm sure some have noticed. I've found myself mostly using userpics with him in it. I know, a bit crazy.

Even though today was a day off for me, I found myself awake at my usual time. Such a bummer. And how did I use that time? Well, I did put in a load of laundry. Oh, and watched Inception. I'm oddly attached to that movie, considering it stars Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sometimes I wish that I could write more candidly here. I'm not sure when or even why I've been censoring myself when I write. Maybe it started when I was directing my LJ feed to my Facebook. Who knows! All I do know is that I miss writing more about my days and my thoughts. It's fun to go back on my posts and read what I was thinking a time ago. I just haven't been writing too much about life in general. Ah well…

Oh! I do want to say that I'm enjoying my iPhone very much! I feel almost guilty saying this but I now see Android's shortcomings when comparing it to iOS. I'm missing Android less and less as the days pass. For instance, the battery on the iPhone lasts longer and charges faster than my Nexus S 4G. And I have more I can say. But I'll save that for another day…