erase those lines of worry

can I help you smile
erase those lines of worry
for just a moment

I’m excited for the Android folks to get Instagram! I’m a sucker for that app and it was a big reason I didn’t mind going to the iPhone. I know, for an app? What the heck?! But seriously, it’s a fun photo/social app and I like it!

As for those snobby iPhone users who think that their precious Instagram is suddenly polluted by the addition of Android pics, SUCK IT. Stop being little elitist pricks and just be happy that the app is doing so well that they can expand to other platforms beyond your “precious.” Nothing is more irritating than those iPhone users who think their little piece of technology is the end all. And I say this as a person who very much enjoys her iPhone but still sees and appreciates the merits of other operating systems.

Always striving for balance
ever striving for balance