nearly the weekend

Don’t know why I’m slackin so much with the daily posting but it’s a nice break.

Four poems, all haikus because I’m lazy like that. πŸ˜‰

why must we suffer
at the hands of Fate’s whimsy
to stumble along

day dawns dark and cool
turning to gray with the light
weighed down by the rain

maybe just flicker
sway until the flame burns bright
rising to heaven

easy to forget
love once embraced this cold heart
with complete fervor

You know what I can’t resist? Male musical groups that lean to the label of “boyband”. From The Monkees (before my time but loved them in reruns) to Duran Duran (my first 80s band!) to A-Ha to New Kids on the Block to 98 Degrees to soulDecision to Westlife, I cannot resist the fellas. I’ve realized recently that I like the way the Irish fellas sound, hence my love for Westlife and now The Script. So the recent mention of two bands has me curious and I’m going to take a listen. πŸ˜‰