the days go along like so…

Five poems in one post. All haikus again. 😛

this shining false hope
promising a redemption
ever out of reach

why not find some joy
why wallow in misery
bringing down your soul

how warm is the sun
the breeze cooling the spring air
as baseball blooms now

the best part of love
sings with such laughter and joy
shines bright with your smile

how long is this walk
steps uncounted in routine
so ever constant

FRIDAY the 13th
The day started darkly but didn’t rain. My day was made by the following tweet reply from Dan Feuerriegel (“Agron” from Spartacus):

A reply

I’m such a nerd.

It was my goddaughter’s birthday! I rode to work with the hubby then drove myself to Fremont for a wonderful Asian buffet at World Gourmet for Iris’ party. Good times, good times.

Iris' bday party
the bday girl looking at me

Our first baseball game of the season was between the Stockton Ports and Modesto Nuts. Back when the Nuts were the Athletics, we were fans. But now that the Ports are the A’s affiliate (and closer in proximity to us), we’re Ports fans. 🙂 The Ports won 10-9 in the bottom of the 9th. Good for them!


During the game, a swarm of bees flew over the field and the players hit the deck. It was so weird seeing on the players laying face down on the field. And a little freaky.

Hit the deck!

Yes, we’ve been married 18 years. WOW! So what did we do? We saw The Cabin in the Woods! Good movie, oddly filled with horror and laughs and despair. It’s an odd mix but it works.

next to the Dark Shadows standee

Today it was back to work. A good day filled with warm sunshine and cool breezes…