closer to Friday

Journey well into the next, Donna Summer. Your songs remind me of younger days and you will always have a place in my musical memory…

poem #1
my muse eludes me
laughing somewhere out of reach
leaving me adrift

poem #2
is it time to say goodbye
smile and part ways
let the good memories linger
let go of the bad ones
is it time to say goodbye
brush away the tears
be glad for the days once ago
when love whispered in each embrace
is it time to say goodbye
take one last breath
then forge on ahead
follow another path

Tom Hardy in LAWLESS

Even though Tom Hardy’s next movie is THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, I’m actually looking forward to LAWLESS. Would I want to watch the movie if he wasn’t in it? A fair question. 😉

I did the following screencaps on my iPhone. How far has technology come? LOL