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if I catch your eye

if I catch your eye
then I will know I’m dreaming
a vision so sweet

Monday. Joy.

if hitting the snooze buttom meant a nap, I’d hit it

My new clock/dock for my iPhone/iPod for charging/listening at work. Happened upon it during our wandering of Fry’s yesterday. I needed a new dock that could charge my iPhone and so there it is. The neat thing about it is that the time syncs with my iPhone’s time. 😀

the last of my m&m’s…

Even though I’m happy that my shows are ending, I felt a little sad last night after The Game of Thrones ended because I didn’t have Once Upon a Time to watch next. Alas! But oh, GoT is getting so good! I must admit, I’m quite partial to Robb Stark, Jon Snow, and Jaime Lannister. Those fellas keep me glued when they’re on screen.

I’m enjoying my iPhone 4S! Is it wrong to like my electronic gadgets so much? I went without a case today, which was a bit scary but I made it back home without a scratch. My new case had arrived in the mail today so now my phone is protected in its new chrome-looking (but plastic feeling) case. Nice!

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