saturday went like this

behind the light that shines
in silence darkness dwells
waiting with patience so cold
ready to rise and swell
what will it take
to trigger the chaos
scatter all hope
to ends far and lost
surely more than just a word
however carefully placed
cannot unleash the tide
splitting time and space
perhaps the trick is this
little by little let the darkness come
balanced with the shining light
together they are the sum

the LJ's new top banner

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new banner here. Thank you [info]wahlee!!! You so very much rock. πŸ˜€ I could seriously stare at my LJ all day long if it weren't too insane. πŸ˜‰

My nails newly done

My nails are newly done since nail polish chipped on one nail. Sparkly, eh?


The gardeners need to handle their business in the backyard. It looks like the grass is going to swallow my doggie!


So yes, I'm disappointed that the following shows have been cancelled: The Finder (which double sucks because of the way it ended!), Alcatraz (again, the way it ended just left us wanting MORE), GCB (mostly for the hubby), Awake (which I had intended on watching on one of the streaming services), Missing (which we didn't keep up on but again I intended on catching up later). I know there are more but those are the ones that are on my mind, especially The Finder. Alas!

I'm very glad that the following shows are staying for a sophomore season: Revenge (guilty pleasure, anyone?), New Girl (hilarious and the one thing that I can mention on Twitter to Dan Feuerriegel and get a response), Once Upon A Time (the perfect mesh of "reality" and fairy tale), Smash (though I need to catch up on more than a few episodes), Person of Interest (so behind!).

And old favorites that are returning next season: Fringe (because WOW, that season finale was crazy amazing!), Castle (finally, Castle and Beckett!!!), Hawaii Five-0 (I love seeing Hawaii and the action doesn't hurt either), The Big Bang Theory (addicted to this show!), Cougar Town (moving to TBS, good for them!), Body of Proof (which was a bit of surprise but hey, it ended in a cliffhanger they must resolve!).

Wow, we watch a lot of television! And that's only network tv. And I am very sure I've forgotten a show or two or three. LOL