this was meant to end

this was meant to end
so long ago
how did it last
without the flicker
to fan the flames
this was meant to end
ever so long ago
why did it last
without inspiration
to fill the cracks
this was meant to end
it was written
from the beginning
a story of affection intersecting
for a blip of time
this was meant to end
the fire fading to ashes
in the cold of night
a different spark of life
come the light of day


I don’t start work until 8am but I get to work early enough to have my tea. 🙂

I had the weirdest dream before waking up. It freaked me out a little because it felt to real. Those kinds of dreams are the strangest.

Warriors to San Francisco. I’m not sure what I think about it but I hope they don’t change their name. Golden State Warriors has a nice ring to it. 🙂