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maybe when it ends

maybe when it ends the answers will make some sense but for now they don’t I’ve had the laziest day ever! I made it somewhat constructive by doing a load of laundry. Gosh, my life is glamorous! 😉


where love heralds hope

the window elsewhere draws my heart to another place where laughter rings tears fall before joy the happy ending true always brings smiles where love heralds hope When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle are among my all time favorite movies. Good bye to the writer of those two films, Nora Ephron. Thank you… Read More where love heralds hope


standing alone

standing here at a crossroads which path to choose which story to tell a confession whispered perhaps convenience taken the stumble of bad timing so which story to tell which path to choose at this crossroads standing alone

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maybe the answers

maybe the answers aren’t mine to give maybe I lie rather than break maybe you can’t know the reasons why maybe I won’t ever let you know maybe your words will never bring peace maybe it’s time you finally let go