filter through the fingers like dust

the shattered pieces
filter through the fingers like dust
nothing left to see
nothing left to feel
even as the wind blows cold
the stars hover too far
too faint against the night
almost unseen


Oh the drama! Senior prank gone awry, irate parents, seemingly contrite seniors, a poor chained lamb, footprints of paint. I have an opinion, of course, and it’s this– just because it’s water based paint doesn’t mean it isn’t vandalism and last I looked, vandalism was a crime. So perhaps the parents should hope that the police don’t charge the students with misdemeanors instead of blaming the school for the punishment their students have been given. And what about the poor lamb?! Who thought it was a good idea to chain a lamb and leave it on the grounds over night? I’m not even an animal activist and I am utterly appalled by such a thing.

East Bay high school graduation prank triggers social media threats