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maybe I’m dreaming

maybe I’m dreaming
something wonderful and sweet
to keep me smiling

Source: ew.com via Valerie on Pinterest


Ohhhhhhhh! So in the middle of night, I woke up and checked the time on my phone and saw a tweet directed at me. I thought I was dreaming because it was from CHARLES MESURE!!!


I went back to sleep, half thinking it was a dream but smiling nonetheless. I wondered what I had said to have him reply to me. When my alarm went off a few hours later, I checked my phone again and saw the tweet once more. Ah, so it hadn’t been a dream at all!

The tweet that caught his eye was this:

@prairievixen LOL! I keep hoping for dreams of @joemanganiello or Tom Hardy or @CMesure. My dreaming muse will not comply, darn it.

I should be embarrassed, right? Well, it just makes me laugh. At least the tweet wasn’t all about him, so he need not tihnk me totally obsessed. 😉 Bright side is the best side.

Ray Bradbury died. May he journey well into the next…