until you admit you’re worthless

watch me turn this gift
this piercing frustration
into a whirl of chaos
straight for your soul
may it plow you down
break you into pieces
you’ll never recover
no matter how long you search
until you admit defeat
until you admit you failed
until you admit you’re worthless
the guilt will ever haunt you


I am savoring these current days. School is out, the weather is warming up (a bit too much but since I’m a/c all day, I’ll not complain), my sister and her family will be here tomorrow, and we’re heading towards half day Fridays at work! Life is lovely right now so I must revel in its goodness.

I say all of this with a monster headache even after taking three ibuprofen. Bah! Oh well, tomorrow is my Friday! ๐Ÿ˜€