wrapping me in mystery

you’re breaking my heart wrapping me in mystery filled with such longing Today was Convocation. I’ve been with the district for five years. Where has the time gone?

break this sullen spell

break this sullen spell free me from melancholy help me find laughter The day just got away from me. Didn’t go to the movies. 🙁 I have yet to see The Dark Knight Rises. Oh no! My nap was not so much a waste. I dreamt that I was waiting for Joe Manganiello to do…

giving up his heart

he reaches for her silently for some comfort giving up his heart I always think I don’t care about the Olympics but when it comes around I get totally sucked in to the different events. I must say that I find NBC’s coverage utterly lacking. The Opening Ceremony was great except for the asinine commentary…

please don’t slip away

please don’t slip away before we can say the words waiting in our hearts A week later and I still love my Nexus 7! Still haven’t turned on the PC in the evenings. So cool! I found out something new today– I found the unlock for the screen orientation. Yah!