just once

just once
let me know
my name whispers
in your thoughts
just once
let me see
your smile
meant only for me
just once
let me hear
your laughter
shared with me
just once…

I had a great day off! We actually started early with an oil change. I tell you, so glamorous! 😉

But seriously, spending the day with the hubby is always a wonderful thing and today we headed out to the Central Valley to our old haunts.

We had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. 🙂


Then we walked around the mall – which is really nice these days — and enjoyed the a/c. We bought a couple of things (including an A’s shirt for the niece). After the mall we headed to the local card shop where I bought a box of Hercules trading cards for the bargain price of $25. I bet that box had been there for ten years. LOL Best Buy was also on the table and there we bought This Means War (FINALLY!), Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight. All were on sale, so good times!

Yes, definitely a nice day off from work…