my three day weekend

Three poems once again…

I will lose myself
just one step closer to go
then your kiss claims me

the world is spinning
guiding me towards such chaos
I’ll willingly cross

falling was easy
excitement rushed the senses
but landing was hard

My weekend went thusly:
FaceTime with Sydnee

Chatted on Saturday with the niece. She’s always a hoot on the FaceTime… After the husband came home from work, we went to the movies! We saw Prometheus. I liked it! Michael Fassbender was pretty cool in it. 🙂


On Sunday we didn’t do much until later, heading out to BJ’s for dinner. I had a watermelon mojito. Mmmm!


The sirloin was good as well. Mmmm!

We checked out Barnes and Noble and I found the Bane action figure. I just had to buy it. I’m such a sucker! And here are the things I didn’t buy:
Untitledday190: Bane Bobble-Head

I almost bought the bobblehead because I just like bobbleheads. Maybe next time.


Today we headed out to Walnut Creek and had lunch at Home of Chicken and Waffles. Delicious! I love their chicken. And the waffle was yummy as well. 🙂

day191: chicken and waffle!

After the meal, we went to a game store, then to Fry’s. Picked up an external drive for myself. Must save the photos to something, right? 😉

We finally watched last night’s ep of True Blood when we came home. Let me just say that there was not enough sexy time with Alcide. WTH?! What must a woman do to see more of that werewolf?! I seriously thought Sookie was going to fall asleep on Alcide. LOL! Poor Alcide and his shoes. 😉