we’ll never know why

let’s take a moment
take a breath and remember
we’ll never know why


Corn is good.

I want to see The Dark Knight Rises and I will not some whack job instill fear in me.

My heart is heavy for the victims in Aurora and yet I feel disconnected from the tragedy. I want to know their stories, I want to know their names. What did they dream? They should have been safe watching a movie. They wanted to see the movie so badly that they went to the midnight showing. It should have been a fun and exciting time. And this is why I mourn for them. They went to a place of escape and instead experienced tragedy because of a whack job.

I don’t blame the guns. If he had instead used a crossbow would there be an outcry for better crossbow control? No, of course not. So STFU about better gun control. Criminals and whack jobs don’t give a rat’s ass about the law. If you are an intelligent thinker, you can’t argue the logic, can you?

But I don’t talk politics and such, so I’ll end my rant there.

Enjoy the days you’re given, find beauty in the little things. Live your life, love with all your heart, and laugh until you cry.