you’ll drive me away

you’ll drive me away
fill me with utter contempt
if this is your path

A poem in the morning. Imagine that!

Yesterday was the first day of school in these parts and what a day at work! I don’t work at a school but I was still pretty busy with last minute parents people who seem to want to blame everyone but themselves for their predicaments. Interesting how that works.

I turned off the sms tweets to my phone because I want to avoid Olympics spoilers. I don’t know why I even bother. Can I just say again that NBC’s coverage of the Olympics SUCKS? Oh, but it does. Why can’t they just telecast the events live so that we can record them and watch later? Or better yet, why can’t we get a different feed for the Olympics? I swear, the broadcasters on NBC talk out of their asses a lot of the time. UGH!

We watched the last episode of Stargate Atlantis last night. ::sigh:: Such a good show. I think it could have gone one for at least another season or two. 🙁 I miss the way the Wraith says “Sheppard.” LOL And why is Netflix getting rid of it? Alas!