am I just a step

am I just a step
along the way
or am I the path
you want to take
if we say goodbye
will your heart break
chasing all your dreams
so very far away
but maybe instead
we’ll join our hands together
promise each other
a version of forever
one day at a time
steady and true
laughter and love
just for me and you

day251: I'll take virtual hugs and kisses anytime
from yesterday

The above shot was my photo of the day yesterday. I can’t help but share it here because it gave me a bit of delight and still does. How simple a thing, eh? Perhaps I’m just a little easy but it’s nice to get even just virtual hugs and kisses from a handsome fella. 😉

We watched the pilots of Revolution and The New Normal. I might like them both but not sure if I’m willing to dole out my precious tv watching time to them. But I do appreciate the chance to watch the pilots (yah for Hulu!).

Now I must watch my rugby!