fellas greg joe

can you be so sweet

can you be so sweet
with your wide smile and laughter
visiting my dreams

reading one of MANY articles on the new iPhone

Have I been suckered in by the iPhone? I confess, I do love (as much as you can love technology) my iPhone to distraction. It just works for me and it’s a lovely piece of hardware. Still, I keep my toes in Android land with my Nexus S and my Nexus 7 because I want to keep myself knowledgeable of other operating systems. So even though some would say the iPhone 5 is an incremental update, I still wouldn’t mind having it mostly in light of the fact that I’m actually due for an upgrade on my line. So yah! 😀

Omigosh, I had the most interesting dream just before waking! I was in a huge room, as big as a warehouse and it seemed like it was a lobby or something because there were Persian rugs on the floor and heavy drapery adorning the windows. I think I even recall an escalator. Anyhoo, in this dream I ran into my actor friend and we hugged and chatted a bit. I asked him about his girls and what he’s been doing and he gave me some weird answers. I was going to go back to my friends when I saw Joe Manganiello sitting in a VIP section with some people. He stood up and started walking and I put myself in his path. He was smiling at someone behind me but I stopped him anyway because I wanted a picture and of course he obliged. Now for some reason I didn’t have my iPhone but had my Nexus S and I couldn’t grip it well enough to take a decent self portrait. Joe was super patient and even leaned down to help me (you know, because he’s a freakin’ giant compared to me) but to no avail! I think I got a couple of decent shots and I thanked him and he was wonderful and sweet and I just loved him even more.

The end. 😉

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