he sees deception

he sees deception
lurking in her eyes
yet he can’t stop
the want inside
he hears lies
fall sweet from her lips
yet he won’t stop
the path of her kiss
he feels hope
with every touch
yet knows it’s wrong
to want to so much

Caught up on our Monday shows last night!

Castle – Nicely done! I was a bit sad to see the one bad guy bite the dust (I was hoping to see more of him) but otherwise it was great to see Beckett stick to her guns and wield some power. 🙂

Hawaii Five-0 – I was SO SAD about the saddest thing of the episode, I’m suspicious of McGarrett’s mother, it was funny watching her and Danny go back and forth, I like McGarrett’s girlfriend, and I wonder if what I think is even possible regarding why something that should have happened did not. Hmmm.

Revolution – First off, thank goodness for Hulu! If it were not for the fact that the ep was available there, I wouldn’t be watching the show. Simple as that. Good ep, LOVED the reveal at the end. I really really really like Miles and his kickass swordplay. He ROCKS. Still not sure how I like the niece chick. And what the heck is going on with the Nate fella?

Holli, trying to look irresistible