I don’t need your smile

I don’t need your smile
that intoxicating thrill
to light up my heart

So yesterday both my phones updated! My Nexus S FINALLY got the Jelly Bean update and my iPhone got the iOS 6 update. Yeehaw! I’ve been using Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7, so I don’t really see much difference having JB on the Nexus S but iOS 6 is a very nice update on the iPhone. I think I’m kinda digging being able to update my Twitter or Facebook from the notification bar. Pretty nifty. Oh, and the panoramic option for taking pics is groovy too (even though I take more Hipstamatic shots nowadays). I was hoping that the iOS update would fix my phone turning off for no reason but it did it twice during the night, so I’m a little bummed. Alas!

I'm letting @officialedquinn grace my work computer.

I don’t know why but that pic as my wallpaper is a little distracting. 😉