maybe if I make this more

maybe if I make this more
I can laugh away
the silly fits of thrill
put this where it belongs
in secret fantasies
for dreary days
maybe if I make this more
reality will crash down
pop the bubble quick
put this where it belongs
in tall tales yet untold
for the world to see

a trenta cool lime refresher in the morning makes for many bathroom breaks

Here’s an example of how small the world is– one of the ladies at work attended a wedding this past weekend and I was looking through her pictures. One of them has a familiar face and when I checked this person’s twitter feed, it was as I suspected! One of the techies I follow on Twitter was at the same wedding as my co-worker! Small world! 😀

My friends, I must confess that I am oddly yet pleasantly taken by Ed Quinn at the moment. As I try to fathom the reasons why (damn him for those twitter replies?!), I find myself fascinated by my own reaction to it all. I am going to apparently be ever boycrazy for my whole life. I suppose it’ll keep me out of real trouble, right? I have started an essay (yes, an essay!) on my thing for Ed Quinn and I will likely share it all someday soon. I just need to figure out if I will share it publicly or in a friends-locked post. Part of me wants to share it publicly with his twitter handle in the subject so that he inadvertently reads it. Wait, would he read it? And would it creep him out enough so that he never again replies to me? See, these are the weird and crazy thoughts going through my brain right now!