so drawn together

you say you don’t know
the reasons that we are here
so drawn together

Last night we watched 6 Bullets and Black Hawk Down. I know, two totally different flicks, right? I mostly watched 6 Bullets because of Joe Flanigan but it wasn’t such a bad movie. A kind of straight to dvd version of Taken. Oh, and it actually stars Jean Claude Van Damme. His son is in it too and what a handsome young man! 😉 I don’t think I’d recommend the movie unless you like Joe Flanigan (who actually does get to kick some ass and cuss) or JCVD (who of course kicks ass because that’s what he does).

Neither of us had ever seen Black Hawk Down but since it’s on the Netflix, why not? It’s so brutal and depressing but very well made. It has a huge cast! Amongst them, Tom Hardy. His part was pretty small though he had a couple of good scenes. If you like war movies, this one can’t be missed.

And just before waking this morning, I had a dream. I was in a movie or a play (I think a movie?) and Tom Hardy was in it and needed to rehearse the next scene. The actress meant to be opposite him wasn’t there, so I volunteered and he said yes! The other girls in the room were disappointed and I was rather gleeful. Too bad we didn’t get to the scene, which included some lip-locking. Oh well! 😉

I also dreamt that I was at Starbuck’s and it took almost a half hour to get my trenta cool lime refresher. WTH?!