seeming without end

do the angels sing while the dark heavy rain falls seeming without end I couldn’t think of a good Thanksgiving poem so I will just say that I hope everyone had a wonderful day filled with love and laughter. 🙂

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maybe with a smile

this is all it takes knowing one thought crossed your mind maybe with a smile So, I posted this to twitter yesterday: I just had to share my mini-madness of finding the movie (Blood Out), converting it to play on my phone, transferring it to my phone, then doing a few (many?) screencaps, then choosing… Read More maybe with a smile


as if an aside

we say words but we don’t say what we mean only a hint as if an aside is it fear trapping us is it resignation holding us back why can’t we say the words we mean unlock our hearts whisper it softly at first make it a declaration proud and loud unafraid no matter the… Read More as if an aside