amidst the chaos

hold me in your arms
make me believe all is well
amidst the chaos

Calling him out

Whilst having a lively Twitter conversation, I tweeted the above off the cuff. Even though I tell myself I shouldn’t tweet at EQ so much (hello, do I want him to think I’m a twitter stalker or something?), I can’t help myself and yesterday I was going back and forth with someone and EQ was in our conversation. Well, out of all the mentions I made of him, that’s the one he favorited. So yeah, now he knows I’m a good kind of fangirl? 😉

And I seriously cannot stop listening to his EP! I absolutely love all the songs. Am I just being easy about him or has the music actually seeped into my soul? Let’s go with that one.

I’ve been feeling like total crap the last couple of days but tomorrow is Friday so I just need to hold on and survive one more day of work! I can do it, yes?