eq fellas poetry

maybe with a smile

this is all it takes
knowing one thought crossed your mind
maybe with a smile

So, I posted this to twitter yesterday:

I just had to share my mini-madness of finding the movie (Blood Out), converting it to play on my phone, transferring it to my phone, then doing a few (many?) screencaps, then choosing from those screencaps to create the above collage. Simple enough, I’d say.

My reward:

I’m so easily delighted, I tell ya. 😉

Things NaNoWriMo…

I am having a great time writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month! Am I suppose to enjoy it so much? I mean sure, I get into these funks where I just want to torch the whole thing but I just keep plugging away and I’m blessedly ahead on my word count. I’m hoping for 55,0000 words to make up for the fact that I did use some previously written paragraphs early in the process. (Shhh, don’t tell!)

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