where the heck I have been?!

So, no poetry today but I will make up for the days I missed, promise. Well, it’s mostly a promise to myself. 🙂

Let’s work backwards!

I did it! Hit the 50,000 words! #nanowrimo

Yes, I hit the 50,000 words mark! GO ME! But maybe you’re saying, “Oh Valerie, you’ve done it before, so whatever.” Well sure, I’ve done it before but I’ll still take the kudos and be proud of myself. It’s the first time I’ve worked so ahead of the pace. I would have gotten there sooner but alas, I got SICK.

I came down with that nasty stomach bug that was running through my extended family, the same extended family I saw at Thanksgiving. I say that cute little toddler gave it to me. I was FINE on Friday (we even went shopping in the afternoon) but I ate not a thing on Saturday and a package of fruit snacks on Sunday. I had half a bowl of soup on Monday, I think. It so sucked! I finally had a whole bowl of soup on Tuesday and by Wednesday I could actually eat real food (Chinese food delivered!).

So because I was sick, I did not write on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I just couldn’t sit in front of the computer without wanting to puke. I never puked, thank goodness. (And glean what you want from that, if you will.) No, I didn’t even want to watch tv. The horrors! I slept a lot, drank a lot of Gatorade and water and green tea ginger ale.

You know what sucked besides being icky sick? Not being able to write my story. I couldn’t muster the energy for my characters. I wanted to finish their story with flourish and I’m not really finished yet. I will finish it (I’m so close!) and then maybe I’ll release it into the world. I’ll have to dedicate it to my inspiration and hope he NEVER reads it. 😉

day329: a reply from a fella

And oh yeah, Charles Mesure tweeted a reply to me on the weekend. SO SWEET. Awww.

Oh, we switched carriers! I still have the same phone but now on Verizon as opposed to Sprint. Omigosh, soooo much better! LTE rocks. 🙂


Go check out Ed Quinn’s music. Seriously. edquinn.com. GO. <3