yet so visceral

the music begins
your smoky voice
dark and deep seduction
an untouchable caress
yet so visceral
the timbre
the growl
turning to something else
then the words penetrate
the guitar calls attention
the drumbeats demand
every other breath held
to still the quiver
before the exhale
of shuddering release

I interrupt my NaNoWriMo writing to say…

  • Castle – “The Final Frontier” was HILARIOUS. And oh my goodness me, Ed Quinn ROCKED IT as Captain Max played by Gabriel Winters. He was wonderfully cheesy and sneakily snarky (especially that last scene) and just WONDERFUL. I did something I don’t usually do and purchased the ep of Castle because I want to watch it whenever I want. 😉
  • Lights Out Love by Ed Quinn – This EP has been on repeat for me for chunks of time. I seriously cannot stop listening to every song. I am having a visceral reaction. When I first listened, it was to hear his voice. Now my attention is spreading to the instruments. I can’t help but feel everything down to my core.
  • I think my Top Three is going to see a shift very soon. Actually, I’m not sure why I’m waiting… 😉